We are providing rehabilitation for stroke (paralysis), Brian & Spine surgery patients with Inpatient facility



Paralysis Treatments


Complete Physiotherapy assessment evaluation was done to the patient before treatment.

After assessment, patient condition, treatment schedule and prognosis will be explained to the patient and to the family members.

According to the assessment patient will be treated with best Physiotherapy methods for quick recovery at our Hospital.


1) Muscle stimulation (electrotherapy)
2) Passive & active exercises
3) Muscle stretching

4) PNF and NDT Techniques
5) Cycling
6) Movement induced therapy
7) Gait training (walking )
8) Muscle re-education
9) Regular counselling


  • Spacious exercise therapy department

  • Advanced electrotherapy

  • Inpatient facility

  • Experienced  physiotherapists

  • Personal care



What we Treat


Cerebral Palsy

Bed sore

L4 L5 Disc problems

Facial Palsy

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee pain

Ligament Injury

Heel Pain

Post operative Ortho & Neuro Conditions