We are providing rehabilitation for stroke (paralysis), Brian & Spine surgery patients with Inpatient facility



Inpatient Facility


We provide inpatient facility for stroke patient (paralysis -  Hemiplegia, paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Monoplegia) GBS, Bedsore patients post operative Ortho & Neuro cases.










1) Single rooms & shared rooms

2) Two Sessions of physiotherapy treatments daily

3) Spacious exercise therapy department

4) Personal caretakers (ayas, boys)

5) Hygienic diet (food) as per patient requirement

6) Monitoring BP & sugar levels

7) Expert  Rehabilitation team

8) Pleasant Homely Environment


What we Treat


Cerebral Palsy

Bed sore

L4 L5 Disc problems

Facial Palsy

Neck Pain

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Knee pain

Ligament Injury

Heel Pain

Post operative Ortho & Neuro Conditions